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The mission of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church Plant is to preach the Gospel and meet the needs of the people in Southwest Albuquerque, and beyond, with Word and Sacrament Ministry.


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Please prayerfully consider supporting Saint Andrew Lutheran in its mission as we labor in this ripe mission field to build the church body of this new church plant.

The main need of Saint Andrew is to grow and raise the funds to be able to call its own full time dedicated missionary pastor living in the area to minister to the existing congregation and to work in the community, with the help of the congregation, as the Holy Spirit works through the Word and sacrament ministry of the church. Our goal continues to be to become completely self-supporting with sustained growth and the financial support of our members and supporters.

History of the church plant:

January 2014 – At a North and South Sandia Circuit Winkel, the Faith In Christ Lutheran Church Mission Board requested and received permission from the pastors of the joint circuit to conduct a feasibility study regarding the establishment of an LCMS congregation in the Southwest quadrant of Albuquerque. Estimated target population of 135,000 and growing with no other LCMS or orthodox Lutheran congregations in the area.

April 2014 – The Faith In Christ Mission Board presented its findings (based upon geographical and population analysis) at a North and South Sandia Circuit Winkel. It was determined that it was feasible that this geographical region could support a congregation.

April – August 2014 – Several members and pastors from Faith In Christ and other circuit congregations conducted a door to door survey in the target area (statistical analysis was recorded). The purpose of the survey was to identify un-churched LCMS members and non-LCMS individuals interested in an LCMS church plant.

September 2014 – Rev. Elisha Lietzau, Faith In Christ, presented the findings of the survey to a North and South Sandia Circuit Winkel. The pastors present at the Winkel concluded that it was feasible to begin the process of planting a church in the Southwest quadrant of Albuquerque. Pastoral support was unanimous.

January 4, 2015 – The voters assembly of Faith In Christ unanimously voted to be the Mother Church of the Southwest Albuquerque Church Plant.

January 11, 2015 – Rev. Lietzau presented the findings of the survey of Southwest Albuquerque to the Joint North and South Sandia Circuit Forum. He also presented a resolution that identified Southwest Albuquerque as a Gospel Gap. The resolution declared that the Southwest Albuquerque Church Plant was an opportunity of the Circuits to establish a congregation in Southwest Albuquerque and to present this to the Rocky Mountain District. It also declared that all pastors, laity, and congregations would be encouraged to participate in the church plant when given opportunity. The resolution passed unanimously.

January – April 2015 – Door to door surveying begun in the spring of 2014 resumed as door to door canvassing to introduce the new church plant.

February 2015 – Officially recognized by the Rocky Mountain District with the approval of a Gospel Gap grant.

April 12, 2015 – Regular Sunday Church Services began in a newly leased store front and have continued there without interruption served by circuit area pastors. Bible Studies and catechesis have taken place at various times.

May 2015 – Offically recognized by the LCMS Office of National Mission with technical and financial support as a pilot partner project of the Mission Field USA initiative.

March 2017 – As the determination had been previously made that a dedicated worker for the church plant was necessary, Faith In Christ inquired about receiving a vicar but was notified that one would not be available for 2017-2018.

June 4, 2017 – Faith In Christ voted unanimously to extend a call to LCMS Domestic Missionary, Rev. Adam DeGroot, to be the dedicated missionary pastor at Saint Andrew.

June 11, 2017 – After a trip to visit Faith In Christ, Saint Andrew, and Albuquerque from Rhode Island, Rev. DeGroot accepted the call to Faith In Christ and Saint Andrew.

June 2017 – Rev. DeGroot attended the LWML National Convention in Albuquerque representing Saint Andrew.

July – December 2017 – Rev. DeGroot was fundraising from his home base in Rhode Island to raise the necessary funding as required by the Network Supported Missionary Model, adopted by the LCMS Office of National Mission, to be sent to his call. This is an annual process that is required to maintain a certain funding level to remain in the field. The more the funding is solidified to at least the 75% level as determined by LCMS Mission Advancement, the less time away from the field the missionary is required to spend.

January – March 2018 – Rev. DeGroot was making the necessary plans and taking the steps to relocate to Albuquerque.

March 20, 2018 – The DeGroots arrived in Albuquerque.

March 25, 2018 – Rev. DeGroot serves for the first time at Saint Andrew on Palm Sunday.

April 8, 2018 – Installation Service for Rev. DeGroot held at Faith In Christ Lutheran Church.

April 2018 – Ongoing – Ground work, visiting, regular services, Bible studies, catechesis, etc., all taking place in Southwest Albuquerque.

May 2019 – Constitution and Bylaws approved by the Rocky Mountain District.

August 2019 – First church council elected.

September 29, 2019 – Constitution and membership Sunday celebrated at Saint Andrew.
November and December 2019 – First council and voters meetings held. Reaffirmation of support from circuit pastors at December pastors
February 2020 – Pastor DeGroot accepts a call to Calvary Lutheran Church, Rio Rancho, NM.
March 2020 – Congregation begins process to search for a new pastor.
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